Easy LV HV Software

EASY LV HV Software – General Control Software for Low & High voltage power supplies

This video walks you through the first steps with your W-IE-NER Power Electronics and ISEG Spezialelektronik low and high voltage power supplies. We show how to use our general control software ‘Easy LV HV software’. 

With its advanced dashboard capability, it allows simultaneous control of multiple LV and HV systems, inclusing different form factors (19” rack, NIM, etc …)

Learn more about LV power supplies from W-IE-NE-R Power Electronics.

Learn more about HV power supplies from ISEG Spezialelektronik.

Easy LV HV Software for LV & HV power supplies | General Control Software | GECO
Easy LV HV Software | Low & High voltage power supplies | General Control Software

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General presentation of the software Easy LV HV

  • First we show how to insert your LV and HV modules into the crate. You can observe how the electronics are shielded by honeycomb structures that guarantee excellent shielding and contribute to RF immunity.
  • Next we see how to set the IP address of the controller. This requires the use of MUSEControl from W-IE-NE-R on Windows. Alternatively you can also use a CC24 controller from ISEG. It must be configured in SNMP mode.
  • Now Easy LV HV can be used to control the hardware. We show how to navigate, configure the modules, log voltage, current, On/Off actions, etc.
  • A very powerful graphical tool allows to follow the voltage/current variations over time. This is very useful for experiments that need to be followed over long periods of time. A large buffer allows to trace previous events (e.g. short-circuits, arcs, voltage drop, abnormal increase of current, temperature drift, etc).
  • A multitude of flags in our general control software allow to supervise the good progress of the actions and the faults, alarms, etc.

General Control Software to control low voltage (LV) modules

A complete chapter deals with the operation of LV modules and their ‘Sense Lines’. The Sense Lines allow to compensate the losses in lines when the current is high in the load. LV modules have several compensation modes depending on the cable length. These modes differ in their regulation speed. An extremely important point is to make sure that your LV module does not bring noise to your electronics. By using W-IE-NE-R hardware you can be sure that the use of Sense Lines does not bring additional noise. The easy LV HV software allows you to measure the voltages at the terminals of the modules and on your loads.

General Control Software to control high voltage (HV) modules

An additional chapter is dedicated to users of high voltage modules. It shows how to program a voltage ramp, how to configure channels in ‘current trip’ or ‘current regulation’ mode. Easy LV HV allows to read the delivered current with an extreme resolution and precision. Easy LV HV allows you to take full advantage of the quality of the high voltage hardware. A zoom tool allows you to go for resolutions as fine as 1 nA or even 50 pA!

Supported operating systems

Windows (32-64 bits), Linux (32-64 bits), MAC OS.

Products controlled by Easy LV HV Software

Supported communications

USB and Ethernet.