3U EHQ1 high voltage module


The Europe 3U EHQ1 high voltage module with common ground exists in 4 versions of 1 channel, from 2 kV to 5 kV and from 2 mA to 6 mA. It is intended to be integrated into a 4-slot mini chassis or an 8-slot chassis in 19 ”rack format.

Thanks to its advanced technologies, it offers unique performance, in particular a standard very low deviation in voltage and current, of +/- (0.05% Vout + 0.02% Vnominal + 1 digit) in the case of voltage. Indeed, its patented resonance switching topology is associated with high-voltage high-precision ceramic dividers with very low drift, and 16-bit DAC and 16-bit ADC converters closest to the high-voltage filters and the central processor.

Another particularity of its switching structure and its fine regulation electronics is that the voltage control is done linearly over the entire operating range, from 1% .Vnominal up to 100%, without instability, without overshoot, without offset.

The processor firmware has been developed to manage status and monitor events and faults as well as possible, for example: ERR for Vmax or Imax exceeded, INH for Inhibit, L2H when the voltage increases, H2L when the voltage decreases, etc.

Several interfaces exist for this Europe 3U EHQ1 high-voltage module : RS232, CANbus, USB and analog.

The Europe 3U EHQ1 high-voltage module finds its place in industrial applications, in particular with the supply of wire chambers for 3D medical imaging.

Please refer to the dedicated page of our supplier Iseg Spezialelektronik GmbH for an overview of the entire range.


High Voltage Module EHQ1 |Europe 3U | ISEG Spezialelektronik GmbH
  •  EHQ1 High voltage module Europe 3U
  • Standard 1-channel high voltage module
  • Reversible polarity by external side switch
  • High voltage up to 5 kV
  • Current up to 6 mA or 100 µA (option L)
  • Common ground (GND)
  • Residual ripple and noise (<5 mV peak to peak)
  • Voltage control by potentiometer 10 turns
  • Voltage and current measurement by 4-digit LCD and V / I micro switch
  • 16-bit resolution (DAC) in setpoint and 16-bit resolution (ADC) in measurement
  • Voltage limit Vmax and current Imax by 2 lateral external trimmers
  • Yellow status LED On / Off, red (+) and green (-) polarity LED, red error LED
  • Individual inhibit via Lemo-hub on the front panel
  • KillEnable for each channel, current limitation mode or HV circuit breaker mode
  • Programmable voltage ramp from 2 V / s to 255 V / s
  • SHV connector on the front
  • Model height 3 U, depth 160 mm, width 40.8 mm



Manual EHQ1

Manual EHQ1 PCI bus