6U high voltage module


A wide variety of choices:

The high voltage 6U multi-channel module in a proprietary format is offered with a variety of very attractive performances for physics applications. The user can choose based on the following characteristics:

  • Number of channels and their density.
  • Connections – multi pin or single pin – and its wiring.
  • Regulation mode – voltage or current – and their stability performance.
  • Max current at the ouput.
  • Power consumption and efficiency.
  • Amplitude of ripple & noise.
  • Resolution and accuracy (standard deviation).
  • Temperature and time drifts.
  • etc …

3 high voltage generation modes:

The 6U high voltage module offers features that meet your needs:

Separate voltage source mode with one transformer per channel. The 6U high voltage module in the STANDARD or HIGH PRECISION versions is equipped with separate sources for each channel. The voltage and current adjustments are extremely precise. The output power per channel is 9 W. The HIGH PRECISION version is equipped with a second current measurement range which is electronically switched and it has a resolution of 50 pico Amps.

 Unipolar voltage generator mode with a single, multi-winding transformer, whose secondaries are rectified and filtered. This mode can provide 24 channels per PCB for a total of 48 channels per module (two PCBs face to face). The goal is to attain the most attractive cost per channel ratio possible. Each voltage is controlled between 1% * Vnominal at the bottom of the scale and 100% of the nominal value at the top of the scale. A current measurement is made with a resolution of 10 (-4) * Inominal. Current regulation is not possible, any overshooting of the set point instantly cuts the voltage. The output power is limited to 1.5W per channel.

 Bipolar voltage source mode with one transformer stage per channel. A high voltage 6U bipolar distributor type module has a positive source and a negative source. Active electronics authorize operations in 4-quadrant mode and in “zero crossing” mode with automatic passage through the baseline (0 volts). The other properties are identical to the unipolar voltage source mode.

Galvanic isolation:

 Another technical point to consider is the galvanic isolation of the high voltage module 6U.

It contributes to a notable reduction of parasitic noises coming back from common grounds through other electronic devices.

We offer 3 types.

  • COMMON GROUND (CG). The ground of the high voltage module 6U is electrically linked to the ground of the chassis.
  • The COMMON FLOATING GROUND (CF-GND) indicates that all the channels have a common ground with the high voltage module 6U and that the latter is isolated from the chassis at +/- 60 V max.
  • The FLOATING GROUND (FG) shows that each output channel has its isolated ground, not only in relation to the chassis, but also in relation to the other channels. The insulation level can be set on demand from +/- 25 V, to +/- 2000 V.

Compact, rigid and robust mechanics:

The 6U high voltage module is offered in an extremely compact mechanical format with a limited depth of 220 mm, which ensures the highest rigidity and robustness. The width of the high voltage module 6U always ensures that there is 1 slot (40.3 mm) no matter the number of channels, the voltage level, the current intensity and the power. We do not offer modules with “double width board”, which would limit the number of cassettes to be inserted into the chassis and make your design projections difficult. Our 6U high voltage module solutions offer an excellent cost per channel ratio.

Please refer to the dedicated webpage of our supplier Iseg Spezialelektronik GmbH for an overview of the entire range.


Up to 32 independent channels:

The EHS STANDARD series offers up to 32 independent channels with 2 regulation loops, for voltage as well as current. A current setpoint is defined and labeled in an “Ilim” case to limit and regulate current. It is labeled “Itrip” to cause the channel to trip when the (measured) current delivered has reached this setpoint. In order to set this up, a function Kill Enable / Kill Disableallows the switch from one mode to another.

An advanced technology:

The high voltage module uses patented resonance switching technology. This topology is associated with unique high voltage ceramic dividers with very low drift. It is supplemented by 20-bit DAC and 24-bit ADC converters which are closest to the HV stages and the central processor. The EHS STANDARD model has a resolution level of 2.10 (-6) * Vnominal and an unequaled level of precision. It has a very small deviation (standard deviation) defined by the relation +/- (0.01% Vout + 0.02% Vnominal).

The STANDARD module is suitable for applications using photomultiplier (PM) tubes. In the same way, it feeds micro channel plates (MCP), silicon PM (SiPM) detectors or multi-pixel photon counters (MPPC) detectors, etc.

High Voltage Modules 6U EHS Standard  CFG Common Floatting Ground ISEG

The high voltage module 6U EHS CF-GND and F-GND (common floating ground / floating ground) exists with 7 versions of 8 channels, 7 versions of 16 channels and 3 versions of 4 channels, from 100 V to 20 kV and from 0,4 mA to 10 mA. The potential difference between the floating ground and the chassis may not exceed 56 V.


Manuel EHS Standard


Up to 48 independent channels:

The EHS FLEX series offers up to 48 independent channels with 2 regulation loops, for voltage and for current. The power available for each channel is much lower than the level for the EHS Standard version. It is 3 W per channel compared to 8 W per channel. As a result, the EHS FLEX high voltage module is much more affordable considering the price. Among other things it is suitable, for feeding photomultiplier tubes or any other detector requiring a current intensity of a few mA.

Extreme flexibility:

The high voltage EHS FLEX module is a new concept with great flexibility. It allows an almost arbitrary combination of small high voltage PCBs to meet a multitude of very specific personalized requirements.

It is based on the principle of a centralized processor motherboard on which are superimposed daughter cards that generate high voltage.

You can mix the polarities and the values ​​of voltages and currents within the same module. For example, with a 24-channel module, it is possible to juxtapose:

  • 12 channels 3 kV positive with 12 channels 3 kV negative, or
  • 6 positive 500 V channels with 6 negative 500 V channels, juxtaposed with 6 positive 2 kV channels and 6 negative 2 kV channels, or even
  • Several 100 V channels with 500 V channels and various polarities.
High Voltage Modules 6U EHS FLEX ISEG

The 6U EHS FLEX high voltage module is available in 5 versions of 16, 24 and 48 channels. The voltages range from 100 V to 3 kV, the currents from 1 mA to 6 mA for each of the channels. It clearly is a concept of extreme flexibility where the customer chooses his own configuration.




The high end of high voltage modules:

The EHS HIGH PRECISION series offers a maximum of 16 channels with voltage and current regulations. It fully incorporates the characteristics that make the STANDARD series successful. It adds a second measurement foot in automatically switched current, giving a resolution of 50 pA in the current range from 0 to 20 µA. In this operating range, the current precision is the highest, with a standard deviation given by the relation +/- (0.01% * Iout + 4 nA) . This product range is used in numerous experiments.

Advanced R & D and complex physics applications:

Germanium detectors, gas detectors type Micro-Pattern Gaseous Detector (MPGD) for which leakage currents must be detected as soon as possible. This makes it possible to limit the maintenance costs, to avoid damage and premature wear of the diodes (Ge). Another application is the characterization of Avalanche Photodiodes (APD).

High Voltage Modules 6U EHS High Precision CFG Common Floating Ground ISEG

​The high voltage 6U and high precision EHS CF-GND / F-GND (common floating ground / floating ground) module exists with 7 versions of 8 channels, 7 versions of 16 channels and 3 versions of 4 channels, from 100 V to 20 kV and from 0,4 mA to 10 mA. The potential difference between the floating ground and the chassis may not exceed 56 V.


Lowest cost per channel ratio:

The DISTRIBUTOR model has been designed based on a simple idea. To offer the largest number of channels in the smallest space with the lowest possible cost per channel ratio. The EDS series is available in 16, 24, 32 and even 48 channels, all in a cassette of the 6U format. Depth 220 mm and width of 1 slot (40.3 mm).

Absence of current regulation:

The EDS cassette does not have current regulation but has current protection with the effect of tripping in the event of a limit being reached. The resolution level for voltage and for current, is 1.10 (-5) Vnominal. Its level of precision remains within an error interval as follows: +/- (0.01% Vout + 0.02% Vnominal).

Multi-pin connectors:

The high channel density is made possible thanks to the Redel and Radiall multi-pin connectors. The entry model EDS is the most attractive of the ISEG modules. It is optimal for feeding an infinitely high number of PM tubes where there is no requirement on the gain adjustment as it is the case with the experience Superkamiokande (Super-K) in Japan.

High voltage module Standard EDS ISEG

​The 6U EDS high voltage module is available with 16, 24, 32 and 48 independent channels, with 2 voltage choices from 500 V and 3 kV and for currents from 0.5 mA to 1 mA.


Unique solution on the high voltage market:

The 6U EBS BIPOLAR high voltage module has full 4 quadrant operating capacity, with a source mode of positive and negative polarity and an electronic charge mode of positive and negative direction. Its intrinsic performance is close to that of the EDS model. Given the doubling of the number of PCBs in the module – 1 source PCB + 1 load PCB – the number of outputs is limited to 12 and 24.

Solution for particle accelerators:

The 6U EBS high voltage module is very popular with working groups on particle beams in accelerators or ion guidance by quadrupoles or electrostatic multi-poles are necessary. In addition to the need to make the polarities reversible (positive ions and negative ions), the deflection plates operate in very wide voltage ranges, from 100 mV and beyond 2500 V. The high voltage EBS module was chosen in the following two projects: PIPERADE (PEnning trap for RAdioactive ions at DEsir) and HRS (High Resolution Separator) @ SPIRAL 2 (GANIL).

Zero Crossing EBS 6U ISEG 4 Quadrant High Voltage Module

The high voltage 6U bipolar EBS module with its 4 quadrants is available as 500 V and 3 kV versions with currents of 0.5 mA and 1 mA. These electronics are more complex to produce, with 1 dedicated source card and a dedicated load mirror card. Since 2016 EBS modules are available with 12 channels (instead of 8) and 24 channels (instead of 16).​


The latest addition to the family, the ESS 2 quadrant model, has only one single voltage channel. It is composed of a resonance PCB source and an electronic PCB load. It was designed for electron optics and capacitive loads. It is available in the standard compact format of 6U / 220 mm / 1 slot with a high-voltage GES connector or with Kings (Lemo) connectors.

2 quadrant high-voltage module ESS ISEG

​The ESS single-pole 6U high voltage module with its 2 quadrants exists in 3 versions of 10 kV, 20 kV and 30 kV, with currents of 1 mA, 2 mA and 4 mA. It has a positive or negative polarity voltage source mode (to be determined at the factory) and an electronic charge mode. These electronics are fitted with 1 dedicated source card and 1 dedicated load mirror card.


Manuel ESS 2-Quadrants


Low and High Voltage Chassis W-IE-NE-R Power Electronics

The high-voltage and low-voltage mixed chassis allow the insertion of multi-channel LV and HV DC modules in the same chassis. This mix of modules means offering a chassis with very high power, ranging from 600 W to 3000 W. The respective chassis are: the Mpod Micro (1 or 2 slots), the Mpod Mini (4 slots) and the Mpod (10 slots). They benefit have  numerous configurations, and are equipped with backplanes with DIN-96 and DIN-30 connectors, prepared in the ‘low voltage’ and ‘high voltage’ factory configuration. The number of high voltage outputs ranges from 1 channel to 48 channels for voltages from 100 V to 30 kV. The number of low voltage outputs is 4 and 8 channels for voltages from 8 VDC to 120 VDC and currents from 100 mA to 20 A.

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