PL512 power supply


The PL512 power supply is the second format of DC current power supply made by W-IE-NE-R. It offers up to 12 independent, floating and programmable channels. This equipment generates a very high power density together with a high number of channels.

Our PL512 power supply consists of:

  • a 19 ″ standard mechanical rack called a ‘power bin’,
  • a power box containing a PFC and 6 slots (1 slot = 1 module = 2 channels),
  • dual MDL / MDH modules from 420 W to 550 W,
  • an electronic card to control and supervise the modules,
  • an integrated USB / Ethernet controller with an optional multi-line digital display.

The ‘power bin’ mechanism is placed and fixed in a power cabinet. Through that the connections and the cable passages are made, in particular via threaded rods and nuts of M4 diameter to pass up to 80 A. On the rear panel there are 6 SUB-D connectors of 9 pts through which ‘Senses’ returns operate to compensate for line losses due to high currents in the cables.

The power block ‘power box’ can accommodate the PFC, the elementary modules and the control card, the USB / Ethernet controller and the digital display system. The power supply to the sector is done by the power box. It has an ‘easy lever’ sliding extraction handle that makes it easy to remove the block without having to remove the cable bundle at the rear. This is a significant time saver in the event of a configuration or maintenance change.

In the PL512 power supply 1 up to 6 basic modules can be inserted offering a lot of flexibility.

A large panel of DC voltage is offered for the values ​​7 V, 16 V, 24 V and 60 V for currents of 6 A, 11.5 A, 20 A, and 30 A. These modules operate with a master-slave configuration. They are programmable and operate in the following 2 regulation modes, voltage and current. They allow the configuration of several parameters: voltage ramps, current trips, temperature supervision, group operations, interlock, etc.

The elementary modules of the PL512 power supply are designed to operate over short (< 5 m), medium or long (> 40 m) distances as well as to deliver on loads of different types (resistive, capacitive and / or inductive ). Three regulation types are provided (fast, medium or slow) in order to meet these constraints and thus eliminating or limiting the effects of overshoot and the sustained oscillations.

A processor monitors the correct operation of the modules and protects them against illegal modes and faults.

The USB controller enables the control in local mode via the application Musecontrol, the Ethernet interface via SNMP protocol facilitates the integration of the PL512 power supply in a larger installation.

Please refer to the dedicated site of our supplier W-IE-NE-R Power Electronics for an overview of the entire range.


  • 2 to 12 independent outputs
  • Construction with modular blocks of 250 W/ 550 W
  • Total power up to 3 kW
  • Voltages of 7 V, 16 V, 24 V, 60 V DC
  • Floating voltages +/- 100 V (optimum low noise)
  • Processor control
  • Online loss compensation
  • Regulation with slow, medium and fast “senses”
  • Programming of voltage and current thresholds
  • 2 voltage regulation / current regulation modes
  • Internal temperature monitoring
  • Very low residual ripple and noise
  • Combined USB and Ethernet interfaces
  • Integrated web interface using SNMP protocols
  • Extraction mechanism with handle ‘easy lever’
  • Main supply with PFC 94 V – 265 VAC
  • Dimensions 3U * 19 ″ * 445 mm (3U RASO)
  • Dimensions 4U * 19 ″ * 445 mm (4U)


  • Alphanumeric display
  • Power fault signal and system reset
  • Interlock inputs for each channel (channel wise)
  • Pressurized water cooling for the same size



Voltage range

Current range

MDL 7 ... 24 V +/- 11,5 A / 275 W (550 W)
MDH 2 ... 7 V +/- 30 A / 210 W (420 W)
MDH 7 ... 16 V +/- 20 A / 250 W (500 W)
MDH 30 ... 60 V +/- 6 A / 250 W (500 W)


Mechanics / Electronics

Power supply 90 VAC to 265 VAC
Mains input current Suffix H : 16 A max.
Input fuse External
Emission CE EN 5008-1 (EN 55 022-B)
Immunity CE EN 50082-1 or 2
Output power 3000 W (3 * 1.5 mm2 cord for 16 A)
Operating temperature 0 ... 50 ° C without derating
Storage : - 30 °C ... + 85 °C
Temperature coefficient < 0,2 % / 10 °C
Time drift 5 mV or 0.1% for 24 hours
25 mV or 0.3% for 6 months
(under other constant conditions)
Current limitation 100% of the nominal value
Programmable to any lower value via interface or display
Ilim is the regulation current, Imax is the trip current
Establishment of voltages 50 ms in continuous ramp (factory), management by processor
Programmable with any other value
Over-voltage protection Crowbar protection (trip off)
Adjustment to 125% of nominal voltages
Discharge of capacitors after DC Off
Voltage cut (Trip off and DC off) 3 ms after deviation of 2% from nominal values
Overload, over-temperature, over-voltage, under-voltage, fan fault
Efficiency 75% ... 85% depending on the modules used
MTBF Fans: 65 000 Hrs at 40 °C
Electronics: 100 000 Hrs at 40 °C