Mpod Mini power supply

Mpod Mini power supply

The programmable Mpod Mini power supply is one of the most economically attractive solutions for creating a small set-up made up of low voltage modules. The Mpod Mini programmable power supply integrates modules in horizontal position. A controller card supervises the proper functioning of the power supply, ventilation, and inserted modules. It ensures communication with the outside via Ethernet, USB or CANbus. Updating the controller firmware is possible ‘online’ while being connected to the network. Several versions of the programmable Mpod Mini power supplies exist, up to 3000 W.

A local control solution via an LCD screen and digital encoders is proposed to test a few channels when getting started on site.

The programmable Mpod Mini power supply offers 4 or 8 channels with a maximum of 100 W per channel for 400 W per module. The proposed voltages range from 8 V to 120 V.

The slow control of the Mpod Mini power supply is executed from an integrated web server (iCS). The system works with a local Ethernet network or with a WiFi wireless station, no external software is to be installed. Communication takes place with an internet browser (web browser) which makes function calls to the server. In return, the server provides information about monitoring. The iCS server offers the possibility of managing control – command but also of saving a user profile, configuring alarms, viewing voltage and current graphs. Alternatively, the iCS server is capable of providing APIs of the OPC, SOAP or even EPICS types. 

Please refer to the dedicated page of our supplier W-IE-NE-R Power Electronics for a view of the entire range.

  Mpod Mini power supply specifications

Bin 195

  • Mixed aluminum – very rigid steel construction (5 mm sides)
  • “Zero tolerance” insertion rails, precision horizontal bars for fixing the modules
  • Multilayer backplane, live insertion of modules
  • Front cage for 6U, 8TE modules (40.3 mm), depth 220 mm
  • Microprocessor-controlled fans, distributed voltages and currents, internal temperature
  • Ethernet, USB, CANBus and Interlock interface
  • Dimension: 19’’ * 5U * 485 mm

Ventilation unit integrated into the chassis

  • Variable speed fan (1200 to 3200 rpm)
  • Temperature control (° C / ° K) with integrated sensors

Power supply integrated into the chassis

  • Mpod Mini power supply with 3000 W switching technology
  • 380 VAC via busbar for low voltage modules
  • Very low noise switching technology < 10 mV
  • Modular design using primary DC-DC blocks (MEH, MDH, MDL)
  • Microprocessor control, adjustable voltages
  • Protection against short circuits, undervoltage and overvoltage
  • Protection against high temperature
  • Main supply 90 VAC at 265 VAC



Local control
(digital display)

No. of slots



Chassis Mpod Mini No 4 2400 W 380 VAC
Chassis Mpod Mini-LX Yes 4 2400 W 380 VAC
Chassis Mpod Mini-Basic No 4 2700 W 380 VAC


Mechanics / Electronics

Power supply 90 VAC to 265 VAC
Mains input current Suffix H : 16 A max.
Suffix K : 32 A max.
Input fuse External
Internal for specific request
Input-output insulation CE EN 60950, ISO 380, VDE 0805, UL 1950, C22.2.950
Output power 600 W ... 3000 W (3 * 1.5 mm2 cord for 16 A)
Operating temperature 0 ... 50 ° C without derating
Storage: - 30 ° C ... + 85 ° C
Temperature coefficient < 0,2 % / 10 °C
Drift in time 10 mV or 0.1% for 24 hours
25 mV or 0.3% for 6 months
(under other constant conditions)
Current limitation Adjustable to any lower value
Establishment of voltages 50 ms in continuous ramp, management by processor
Over-voltage protection Crowbar protection (trip off)
Adjustment to 125% of nominal voltages
Power failure (Trip off and DC off) 5 ms after deviation of 5% from the nominal values
Overload, over temperature, over voltage, under voltage, fan fault
Efficiency 75% ... 85% depending on the modules used
MTBF Fans: 65,000 Hrs at 40 ° C and 100,000 Hrs at 25 ° C
Electronics: 100,000 Hrs at 40 ° C