NIM chassis

Introduction to NIM chassis


The NIM chassis is ideal for small setups that require great flexibility. Thanks to modern high-speed serial interfaces such as USB-2 or Ethernet, the NIM standard is experiencing a renaissance. Versatile, it is equally suitable for high-resolution digitizer applications, complex logic and synchronization functions, spectroscopy amplifiers or simply for low and high voltage power supplies.

Robustness :

The NIM chassis we offer meet different needs, but all offer strong robustness and reliability . Some are intended to be easily transported from one place to another, others will be suitable for large fixed installations. Others, with currents increased only on the branches +/- 6 V are perfectly suitable for spectroscopy, or with currents increased only on the branches +/- 24 V will be suitable for high voltage modules. Finally, a specific range corresponds to experiences on a limited budget.

As required by the NIM standard, all our NIM chassis are fitted with a linear technology power supply for excellent precision . However, we offer a model whose power supply is switched to meet the needs of very high powers, needs for which linear technology is not suitable.

Please refer to the dedicated page of our supplier W-IE-NE-R Power Electronics for a view of the entire range.

Portable NIM chassis

We offer three models of portable chassis allowing to receive 2, 5 or 6 modules. They are very robust and equipped with handles to be easily transportable. They are particularly suitable for transiting from one beam line to another in synchrotrons.

Chassis NIM 2 slots Portable 150 W

The NIM mini chassis has a total of 4 slots, 2 of which are effective. The two remaining slots are used by the linear power supply UEP 15 which is inserted from the front and which delivers a power of 150 W.

Chassis NIM 5 slots Portable 150 W

The NIM mini chassis has a total of 7 slots, 5 of which are effective. The two remaining slots are used by the linear power supply UEP 15 which is inserted from the front, its power is 150 W.

Chassis NIM 6 slots Albrecht 90 W

The NIM ALBRECHT mini chassis is offered in a fully integrated format and is packaged with its power supply. It has 6 slots for a maximum power of 90 W.

Standard 5U NIM chassis

Our standard models are based on an original concept invented by our partner WI-E-NE-R . It is based on the modularity of the electronic functions, with a fixed mechanical structure (bin) and a removable power supply which together constitute a block of 6U height.

This great exclusive modularity makes it possible to respond to the most common applications, from small laboratory setup to the most important installations.

The Compact NIM chassis model with 10 free slots is a 5U non-ventilated NIM chassis, in the 19 ” rack standard. The power supply delivers 150 W.

Chassis NIM 10 slots Compact 150 W

The Compact NIM chassis model with 10 free slots is a 5U non-ventilated NIM chassis, in the 19 ” rack standard. The power supply delivers 150 W.

Chassis NIM Standard 5U 300 W 600 W

The 300 W and 600 W NIM chassis have a main element called a bin with the size of 19” / 5U and a power supply unit that is mounted from the rear. A control panel with an ON / OFF switch, monitoring LEDs and test sockets allows monitoring of the supplied voltages.

Standard 7U NIM chassis

The 7U model is complementary to the 5U. However, it is advisable to use it when the number of electronic modules inserted is very high. The NIM 7U chassis has a fan block fitted with advanced supervision electronics. It slides from below and from the front, forming a complete block with the Bin. These chassis are supplied with various monitoring means (display with configuration menu).

Chassis NIM Ventile 7U 300 W 600 W

The 300 W and 600 W chassis in their 7U versions consist of a standard 19 ” 7U bin, a power supply unit and a forced ventilation unit which is installed from the front at below. Like the power supply, this block is removable and replaceable quickly. The ventilation drawer is equipped with an alpha digital display and 3 axial fans propelling air up to 540 m3 / h. The digital screen displays the distributed voltages, the currents consumed by the NIM modules, the powers and the temperature of the indoor air.

Special NIM chassis

The special NIM chassis of our partner ALBRECHT allow the right balance between the voltage branches which use strong currents and the other branches which require little current, if at all . This need arises from observations made on certain electronic commercial modules. For example, we have found that spectroscopy or discrimination modules require high currents on the branches +/- 6 V while other high voltage electronics require high powers on +/- 24 V. Our special chassis respond to these specific needs.

Crates Special Albrecht

The NIM SPECIAL 5U ALBRECHT chassis is available in the 300 W and 400 W power ranges in 19 ′ rack format. It is available in the form of 4 power chassis and current distributions which complement each other. The +/- 6 V, +/- 12 V and +/- 24 V branches are balanced to adapt to a wide range of applications.

NIM NIMpact chassis

Our NIMpact solution was designed with a simple idea; offer equipment that is both robust and economically affordable . Robust because it is based on standardized mechanics and widely used in standard versions, affordable because the electronic functions are lightened and simplified. For example, the control panel has in all and for an On / Off switch with a status LED, the power supply becomes monobloc and becomes one with the bin, the ventilation is at constant speed.

For an identical power, its acquisition cost is reduced by 25% compared to a standard chassis with an equally high quality.

Crates NIMpact 5U 300 W

The NIM chassis of the NIMpact series exists in the 300 W version with a 5U mechanical format. The linear power supply model UEP24 is monobloc and is available in four models with different currents on the branches +/- 6 V, +/- 12 V and +/- 24 VDC. The control panel is lightened and simplified.

Crates NIMpact 7U 300 W

The NIM chassis of the NIMpact 7U series from WIENER is only available with a power of 300 W. It has a linear power supply and an integrated ventilation fan tray which form a single whole. The system is supervised by a simplified control panel.

NIM crates with switching power supply

Crates ventilé 7U 2000 W

The NIM 2000 W model is conditioned by a demand for chassis with powers greater than 600 W. Given the constant space allocated to the power supply part, the only possible solution is switching technology. With our model of the 6000 series we bring the power beyond 2000 W. However, in order to be in phase with the NIM standard, this increase in power must be accompanied by the installation of linear regulators ” low drop ” inside the NIM electronic modules used.

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