CAMAC crate

Introduction to CAMAC crate

The standard CAMAC crate (Computer Aided Measurement And Control) is a complementary specification to the NIM standard but it is focused towards the control of experiments and the acquisition of measurements. This older type of standard has been used extensively in industry and research.

The CAMAC electronic modules are half the width of the NIM type. They are fitted at the rear edge with an 86-pin connector. They are connected to the crate backplane by a 48-line ” data way ” which transfers data (address bus, data bus, and command bus) and module power.

Our CAMAC crates are all available in 19” rack formats. They have supervision electronics for controlling temperature, ventilation, voltage, currents as well as power. They are monitored locally and remotely via the most commonly used interfaces.

We can offer ”DAQ ready” with the CAMAC controller, double width, positioned in slots 24/25.

Please refer to the website of our supplier W-IE-NE-R Power Electronics for a view of the entire range.

CAMAC standard chassis

Chassis CAMAC 300 W et 600 W avec Fan Tray

Our standard CAMAC crates are based on an original concept invented by our partner WI-E-NE-R. It is based on the modularity of electronic functions with a fixed mechanical structure (bin), a removable power supply which is fixed on rails at the rear and a ventilation unit (fan tray) fitted with electronic supervision forward sliding from below, forming a coherent height of 7U. This range of 25-slot CAMAC crate is available with powers of 300 W and 600 W. Its concept is identical to the standard NIM crate, it is equipped with a linear power supply which guarantees the lowest level of ripple and noise.