VXS crate


The VXS ‘VME-bus switched serial’ crate is the new ANSI / VITA 41 standard which combines the 32-bit parallel VME bus with a high-speed switched serial bus in order to increase the bandwidth to several Gb / s. It defines an interconnected network of  I / O ports switched in series with differential signals connected point to point.

An active switching device manages data transfers from the inputs to the outputs. In the VXS crate format all active switching devices are located on a special switching card.  Depending on the size or configuration of the backplane, one (single star) or two (dual star) switching cards can be used in the network. All other modules are called ‘payload’  cards.

A switch card has a 6U / 160 mm format and has a new connector layout. There are 5 MultiGig P1 – P5 high speed connectors which are not compatible with the VME P1 / P2. A1 – A2 and K1 – K2 connectors are used for card alignment while a last PWR1 connector will be used for power.

The ‘payload’ cards have P1 and P2 connectors for the VME64x bus and a new P0 connector for the high-speed switched serial bus. The ‘payload’ cards can use the VME buses or the switched serial bus either alone, or both at the same time. P1 and P2 are 160 pin, 5 row connectors (see VME64x). The mechanics of the cards comply with the IEEE 1101.10 standard (improvement of  EMC / ESD criteria). P0 has pairs of differential links, single links and GND links.

A VXS crate backplane is designed for a total of 18’payload’ cards and 2’switch cards’. The design of the backplane depends on the configuration of the “switch fabric” network. The Star network with 18 payload cards and 1 switch card, the Dual Star network with 18 payload cards and 2 switch cards, the Mesh network with a limited number of payload cards connected together or the Daisy Chain network with each payload card connected to its more close neighbors without going through a switch. Among the standard ‘switch fabric’ networks we note the InfiniBand (VITA 41.1), Serial Rapid I/O (VITA 41.2), Gigabit Ethernet (VITA 41.3) and PCI Express (VITA 41.4) networks.

W-IE-NE-R offers VXS crate equipped with backplanes of 21 slots and configured in the ‘dual star’ mode with 18 ‘payload’ slots, 2 ‘switch cards’ slots and 1 VME64x slot.

Please refer to the website of our supplier W-IE-NE-R Power Electronics for a view of the entire range.



Chassis VXS 6021 6U WIENER

The 21-slot VXS crate is derived from the popular 6021 series, with a UEV 6021 bin, a UEP 6021 power supply (6000 series) and a UEL 6020 fan tray. The mechanical and electrical characteristics are identical, except for the addition of a VXS backplane from our German partner Hartmann Elektronik (Phoenix Mecano Group). This is a 21-slot / 6U monolithic backplane with 18 ‘payload’ slots, 2 ‘switch cards’ slots (slot 10, 11) and 1 P1 / P2 VME64x slot (slot 1).

The mechanical bin allows the insertion of 6U cards at the front and 3U cards 80/120/160 and 220 mm of depth at the rear via P2 / J2. The power supply is positioned above the rear transition cage, where the 3U cards are housed.The fan tray allows a well distributed ventilation with a standard block of 3 fans that are active only on the front boards. The fan tray is always equipped with RS232, Ethernet and CANbus interfaces allowing the control of powers, voltages, currents, as well as temperatures.

The power supply is available in 3U and 6U sizes depending on the power requested. Thanks to the DC bus architecture distributing energy to DC / DC converters, all voltages + 5 VDC, +/- 12 VDC, + 3.3 VDC and + 48 VDC specific to the VME64x standard can be reproduced for powers from 1500 W to 3700 W.



Chassis VXS 6023 6U WIENER

The VXS 6023-JL crate is the second VXS model that we offer. It is a 21 slot crate equipped with a VXS backplane identical to the previous one. The UEP 6021 power supply (6000 series) and the model UEL 6020 fan tray are also the same, only the bin is different.

The mechanical bin, referenced UEV 6023-S, allows the insertion of 6U cards at the front and the insertion of 3U / 6U cards 80/120/160 and 220 mm of depth at the rear via P1 / J1 and P2 / J2. The power supply is positioned below the rear transition cage to free up space for rear cards. The UEV 6023-S bin reserves 2U space for the front air inlet and an additional 1U space for the air compression chamber.

The power supply of the VXS crate is limited to a footprint of 3U for a distributed power going beyond 2000 W.