Who are we ?

​Who are we ?


Electronic products for research and industry

Qui sommes nous

Who are we ? Since 2005, PHYSICAL Instruments has offered the world of research and industry efficient and innovative electronic solutions. PHYSICAL Instruments is the exclusive distributor in France of renowned German and Canadian companies, all of them long term experts in a specific field of electronics. The goal of PHYSICAL Instruments has always been to combine these different skills and gradually build, through these carefully selected partnerships, foundations of strong expertise in the field of:


  • HIGH VOLTAGE, our first collaboration started in 2005 with the German company ISEG Spezialektronik GmbH, a manufacturer of high voltage DC to DC converters and high voltage power supplies. In 2007 followed the Canadian company NDB Technologie Inc., the specialist in electrical measurements in the HV field. Then in 2010 we started collaboration with the German company GBS Elektronik GmbH, a manufacturer of HV pulse generators. We added in 2012 the German company HIVOLT.de Co. & KG for high voltage connectors and cables as well as high voltage amplifiers. 2023 marks the arrival of CGC Instruments, with its expanded portfolio of high voltage switches.
  • ENERGY CONVERSION, in 2007 we started working for DC power supplies from the German company W-IE-N-ER Power Electronics GmbH.
  • SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTATION, we focused on chassis and electronic modules of W-IE-N-ER Power Electronics GmbH.

When selecting all these companies that we represent we have always taken into account the following valuable criteria for YOU.

Reliabilityprecision and robustness of the manufactured products to meet your scientific and industrial requirements. Furthermore the capacity for innovation to constantly adapt to your changing needs, the quality and correctness of our after-sales and service for a long lasting relationship based on trust. The provided solutions are represented in numerous references that can be found  in our online  catalogue, but it is also possible to develop certain tailor-made solutions according to your own specifications.


We strive for excellence for the service we provide

Qui sommes nous

Customer satisfaction is at the heart of the core values ​​of PHYSICAL Instruments:

THE RELIABLE: our biggest goal is to establish a long lasting relationship with you. We therefore provide you with effective technical assistance at all stages of our collaboration: firstly we would  like to help you choose the suitable equipment according to your specific needs, then to facilitate the installation of the equipment, and lastly to support you in the optimal use of the equipment after implementation.

AVAILABILITY: PHYSICAL Instruments is a close, responsive and efficient partner. We take great care to listen to your needs and respond quickly to your requests.

STRIVE FOR EXCELLENCE: PHYSICAL Instruments invests regularly in improving our skills, to develop new services for its customers and to find new products that complement the provided expertise.

Our focus is to build a long term and trusted partnership.