High Voltage Converter


Advantages of the resonance switching technology

The high voltage DC converter from our German supplier Iseg Spezialelektronik GmbH is based on a patented resonance switching topology. This is particularly suitable for high voltage applications for the following reasons.

  • the waves cut by the transistors are not rectangular but sinusoidal.
  • the zero crossing of the sinus induces an automatic and stress-free switching of the transistors (soft switching).
  • the natural protection of the transistors and the primary of the transformer against short-circuits is done with its resonant circuit LC opposing fast variations in current.
  • The high frequency harmonics are greatly reduced due to the sine wave close to the fundamental, thus reducing the level of ripple & noise at the output.

The constraints existing in conventional topologies (forward, flyback) are nonexistent here. It contributes to decrease the stress level on the components. They improve stability and contribute to a very significant increase in the reliability of our converters.

1 W to 150 W HV DC converter

We offer our converters for a very wide range of applications:

  • High voltage test, Endurance test (burn-in)
  • Photomultiplier tubes (PMT), Scintillators, Microchannel plates (MCP)
  • Geiger-Müller tubes (GM tubes), Helium 3
  • Avalanche photodiodes (APD), Silicon PM
  • Electron beam / Ion beam
  • Nuclear instrumentation, Mass spectrometry
  • Electrostatic polarization, electrostatic lenses
  • Electrospinning

High voltage DC ‘print module’ converter for PCB

The smal high voltage DC converter to be soldered on PCB circuit using square pins is articulated around the APS, BPS and CPS-Mini ranges which offer powers of 0.5 W, 1 W, 3 W, 4 W and up to at 8 W.

Very low noise and high stability high voltage DC converter

The DC converter type DPS and DPS-Mini is more advanced, with powers from 5 W to 12 W. It offers a very high level of stability. It is used in advanced applications which require extremely low levels of ripple & noise as well as very good stability over time. The DPS type DC converter (sometimes called DPR with R = reversible) offers electronic polarity switching by high and low TTL signal.

High power high voltage DC converter

The high voltage DC type CPS (12 W) and EPS (60 W and 150 W) converter of the third and last line is more suitable for use with high voltages and high currents.

High voltage DC converter for PMT tubes

The PHQ model DC converter is tailor-made for projects that use photomultiplier tubes (PMT). Operating voltage up to 3 kV DC.

DC-DC converter used in high-voltage instrumented power supplies

High voltage DC converter of the DPS, DPS-Mini, CPS and EPS series is designed to be integrated in a desktop power supplies (THQ Desktop) and industrial rack power supplies (THQ Rack). In this case, the high voltage converter is enriched with local instrumentation around multi-turn potentiometers and LCD displays to control voltages and currents.


The ISEG 2019 catalog is now available.

  • Comprehensive technical information
  • Complete product index
  • High voltage converter solutions
  • Completely redesigned, with color guides, and much more
High voltage DC converter for PCBs, APS series , 200 V to 1000 V

High voltage DC converter of the APS series is available with powers of 0.5 W and 1 W for voltages from 200 V to 1 kV. The APS converter is intended to be installed on PCB.

 High voltage DC converter for printed board, BPS series, 500 V to 6000 V from ISEG

High voltage DC converter of the BPS series for PCB circuit offers powers from 1 W to 4 W with voltages ranging from 500 V to 6 kV. It has a more complete control, notably with a current monitoring (4 W model).


High voltage DC converter for printed board, CPS-Mini series from ISEG, 1 kV to 6 kV

​High voltage DC converter of the CPS-Mini series for PCB circuit offers unique powers of 8 W. The voltages generated range from 1 kV to 6 kV. In addition to voltage control and monitoring, it has current control and monitoring.

HV dc to dc module, DPS Mini, 500 V to 10 kV, manufacturer  ISEG

The DC converter of the DPS-Mini series offers voltages from 500 V to 10 kV for powers of the order of 5 W to 9 W. They have tapped holes, 2 below and 2 on one of the sides, for a robust fixing in a rack in standard 19’’ or any other size.

Switchable dc to dc module, DPR series, 500 V to 6 kV

The high voltage DC converter of the DPS series offers reverse polarity (+) and (-) by TTL signal and for all models from 500 V to 6 kV. The performance criteria are high, such as an ultra low ripple & noise and excellent load stability.

High voltage DC module, CPS series, 500 V to 30 kV, manufacturer ISEG

The DC converter of the CPS series is offered with voltages of 30 kV maximum for powers around 12 W. They are perfect for building a desktop power supply or rack power supplies like the THQ series.

High power converter, EPS series, 500 V to 30 kV

The EPS series DC converters are an extension of the CPS versions, with such high voltages but higher powers up to 150 W. In this case, they have an integrated cooling with temperature supervision.

High voltage socket, DC voltage, PHQ series for photomultipliers, manufacturer ISEG

The PHQ series DC converters are dedicated to applications using photomultiplier tubes from the Hamamatsu, EMI, PerkinElmer (or Photonis) brands. This converter is designed in collaboration with the customer, choosing the shape of the PCB, the number of output channels, the number of dynodes, the control-command interface, the supply voltage, etc. Depending on the socket model, the voltage can reach 3 kV.

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