The use of a microohmmeter from NDB Technologie is done with technicians, engineers or manufacturers in many industrial applications, where it is necessary to check continuities in sensitive electrical circuits or to qualify assemblies of mechanical parts of high precision by ohmic measurement.

In general, the user tries to use a precision microohmmeter to check that the measurement does not exceed a certain tolerance threshold, beyond that value the part can be scrapped or be corrected.

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Microohmmeter | 1 A current intensity |Brand NdB Technologie



Microohmmeter | 10 A current intensity | Brand NdB Technologie



Probes from NdB Technologie



  • Check of aluminothermic welds for earthing of railway tracks,
  • Earthing control of metal beams in industrial and public building constructions,
  • Control of electrodes in aluminium smelters,
  • Checking the high voltage switches and fuses in the electrical distribution,
  • Verification of metallization points on aircraft wings,
  • Check of the transmission brushes of rotating machines installed in the blades of wind turbines, on land or at sea,
  • Winding resistance tests in powerful electrical distribution transformers,
  • Continuity measurement of bus bars in electrical power converters (transport, etc.),
  • Surface condition measurement and alloy deposition (packaging, etc.).
Microohmmeter | 1 A et 10 A | NDB Technologie


Benefits :

  • A lot lighter and easier to handle than other devices in its category.
  • Shock resistant ; it is perfect for field and laboratory applications.
  • The LCD screen is equipped with a backlight.
  • Low injection current for small contacts applications.
  • Several accessories are available for your application such as exothermic welds (Cadweld®), measurements on small surfaces, etc.


Our microohmmeters are light, handy as well as easy to use and shock resistant. They are suitable for all site applications and are offered with many accessories as standard (or optional): a battery charger, a rechargeable battery, a set of alligator clip wires, an exothermic probe, a double tip probe, Kelvin clamps with 19 mm jaw opening or 35mm, a RS-232 cable with USB adapter, spare tips, as well as a lightweight carrying case.

The DRM series precision microohmmeter (DRM-10A, DRM-10AV with buzzer and DRM-1A) is an ohmic measurement device that generates a current pulse train of 10 A or 1 A, depending on the model. The microohmmeter measurement is based on the principle of 4 tips, 2 tips for the current source and 2 tips for voltage measurement. The resolution is as small as 0.01 micro ohm in the case of the DRM-10A.


Power button:

When switched on, the device displays the NDB Technologie logo, it also indicates the status of the voltage and current connections, the version of the code contained in its microcontroller as well as the level of the battery charge.

Rear light button:

Switches on and adjusts the intensity level of the rear lighting. One hit gives 50% intensity, two hits gives 100% intensity and three hits turns off the light. The rear light automatically cuts off after 45 seconds.

Acquisition button:

This button is to be used to take a measurement when the signal “GO” appears on the screen.

Mode button:

Changes from absolute to relative mode, then to motor mode, etc. in a loop.


The DRM-10A and DRM-1A microohmmeters from NDB Technologie are the most compact and lightest on the market. It is almost the same size of a standard multimeter, and it fits in one hand.

  • Dimensions: 203 X 114 X 51mm
  • Weight: 0,86 kg


The DRM-1A precision microohmmeter is a model that generates automatic current pulses of 1 A, 100 mA and 5 mA for 200 ms. With its resolution of only 1 µOhm, it corresponds to the entry level of our ohmic measuring devices, which is more affordable.

  • Portable microohmmeter 1 A
  • Resolution 1 µOhms
  • Measuring range up to 200 Ohms
  • Three measuring currents 1 A, 100 mA and 5 mA
  • 5000 measurements at 1A
Microohmmeter | DRM-1A


The DRM-10A precision microohmmeter (and DRM-10AV with an integrated speaker) is an ohmic measuring device with resolutions of 0.01 µOhms. It operates with 10 A, 250 mA and 5 mA current pulses which are automatically adjusted and have a duration of 200 ms. The DRM-10AV is equipped with an audible warning device which indicates the end of the measurement and the validity of the result, it has been designed to work in noisy industrial environments.

  • 10 A precision microohmmeter
  • Resolution 0.01 µOhms
  • Measuring range up to 200 Ohms
  • Three measuring currents 10 A, 250 mA and 5 mA
  • 5000 measurements with the 10 amp microohmmeter
Microohmmeter | DRM-10A | NDB Technologie


We offer a large number of clamps, measurement probes and accessories that adapt to your environment. The measurement probes are offered with sizes and jaw openings for interventions on mechanical parts of all sizes and electrical wiring of all types.

The DRM-4015 dual-tip probe is the standard model used with the DRM series compact micro-ohmmeter. It has a 6.4 mm center distance.

The DRM-4015-2mm dual-tip probe pair offers all the flexibility required for your plating spot checks, between 2 mm axis.

The DRM-4012 is a one-piece, four-point probe designed specifically for quality control of exothermic welds. It has a handle allowing to press hard on the 4 contacts with constant axis distance.

The Kelvin DRM-4015-17, with its 17 mm jaw opening, is suitable for small electrical assemblies while the Kelvin DRM-4015-35, with a larger 35 mm jaw, is suitable for larger metal surfaces. You must ensure that this jaw does not exert too much pressure that can destroy the surface deposits on materials.

Many other options are available to you, see PROBES and ACCESSORIES.

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