High voltage power supply


DC High voltage power supply from the manufacturer Iseg Spezialelektronik GmbH, in desktop or 19’’ industrial rack version. Download our full catalog here.




Digitally controlled HPS high-voltage power supply




Analog 0 - 5 V GPS high-voltage power supply




FPS high voltage power supply for insulated and integrated filaments




SHR very high precision HV PS




High voltage power supply THQ kit assembly


The resonance switching topology and its advantages

The DC high voltage PS from our German partner Iseg Spezialelektronik GmbH is based on the resonance switching technique.

  • the waves switched by the transistors are not rectangular (like forward or flyback topology) but sinusoidal,
  • the zero crossing of the sinus wave induces an automatic and stress-free switching of the transistors (Soft switching on Mosfet and IGBT),
  • the natural protection of the transistors and the primary of the transformer against short-circuits is done with its resonant circuit LC opposing quick variations in current,
  • the high frequency harmonics are greatly reduced due to the sine wave close to the fundamental, thus reducing the level of ripple & noise at the output and EMI interferences.

High voltage power supply from 10 W to 10 kW: several ranges

DC HV PS from 150 W to 10 kW

Our range of high voltage power supplies from the GPS , HPS and THQ series are optimal for he following applications:

  • DC magnetron
  • Semiconductor industry
  • HV & high power automatic test bench
  • Capacitor charging
  • X-rays for medical imaging
  • X-rays for container inspection
  • DC leakage tests for dielectric
  • DC plasma physics
  • Ion source
  • Ion implantation
  • Electron beam / Ion beam on accelerator

DC HV PS from 10 W to 60 W

Our range of high voltage PS from the SHQ , SHR and THQ series are optimal for the following applications:

  • High voltage test, Endurance test (burn-in)
  • Photomultiplier tubes (PMT), Scintillators, Microchannel Plates (MCP)
  • Geiger-Müller tubes (GM tubes), Helium 3
  • Avalanche photodiodes (APD), Silicon PM
  • Nuclear instrumentation, Mass spectrometry
  • Electrostatic polarization, electrostatic lenses
  • Electrospinning
  • Gazeous detectors (micromegas)

DC High voltage power supply and analog I / O interface

The GPS series is a range of HV PS with analog control designed to integrate automatic test equipment. It is powered by alternating current, with a high power density for a very reasonable price. The GPS range revolves around 300 W & 800 W models in 19 ” rack format and 350 W in ‘Compact Box’ format.

DC  High voltage power supply with digital control

The HPS range corresponds to a more advanced generation of high voltage power supplies, with a motherboard offering very advanced management and control functions.

6 large power ranges 300 W & 800 W, 1.5 kW & 3 kW, 6 kW & 10 kW, allow a large number of applications among:

  • E-beam coating,
  • Ion-beam,
  • X-ray,
  • Test of high voltage components.

The available voltages range from 1 kV to 100 kV for efficiencies above 85%. Powerful processor and multiplied interfaces: The HPS power supply embeds an FPGA capable of performing complex and fast calculations to manage random events such as electric arcs.

Many digital and analog interfaces are integrated, such as USB, IEEE 488, Ethernet, CANbus and SPS (0 – 10 V, 24 V).

Tutorial video & demonstration

  • All ranges from 300 W to 10 kW
  • Industrial applications covered by 19’’ rack power supplies
  • Menu with a navigation using digital encoders
  • Access to Configuration & Settings functions
  • Interfaces: Local & Remote mode

DC and isolated power supply for filament

In addition to the HPS power supply, the FPS (Filament Power Supply) series is a dedicated power supply for filaments, often used in electron beam applications (for example EB-PVD).

The main advantage is to combine it with any high voltage power supply on the market in order to connect an insulated filament.

The FPS therefore has a high voltage input connector and a high voltage filament output connector. Power from 30 W to 600 W. The FPS filament floating power supply is available in 19’’- 2U rack. Together with our partner Iseg we perform the integration of the filament into the high voltage power supply.

Filament wiring and insulation

The filament is isolated from the earth with insulation voltages from 5 kV to 75 kV depending on the model. The FILAMENT point (-) is brought to the hot spot of the high voltage power supply while the FILAMENT point (+) delivers the filament tension.

Very high precision DC high voltage power supply

The SHQ model is the top of the range in its category, with the best specifications in terms of ripple & noise, stability in regulation, resolution, precision, drift in time and temperature. With its 2 current measurement ranges which are switched automatically, it offers a resolution as fine as 100 pA for an accuracy of 2 nA. These performances make the SHQ model a tool dedicated to the characterization of high sensitivity detectors such as Germanium, Silicon, Gaseous, etc.

Reversible, high-precision DC high-voltage power supply

The SHR high-voltage power supply is the latest addition to Iseg’s high-precision range. The polarities (positive / negative) are electronically switchable. The other performances (ripple & noise, quality of regulation, resolution, precision, drift over time, drift in temperature, etc.) are identical to those of the SHQ range. With its 2 current measurement ranges which are automatically switched, it offers a resolution as fine as 50 pA for an accuracy of 4 nA. These performances guarantee the best equipment on the market for the characterization of detectors in the fields of nuclear and particle physics.

Configurable high voltage DC power supply

The THQ HV PS model is a ‘kit’ formula, assembled from small DC / DC converters.

  • Equipped with CPS and EPS ‘Standard’ high voltage converters of 12 and 60 W, the performance of the THQ will suit Electrospinning applications or polarizations and tests of power components.
  • Equipped with the DPS ‘High Stability’ high voltage converter, the criteria of reverse polarity, low noise and advantageous stability will give complete satisfaction in R & D applications.

The THQ power supply is a very good price / quality compromise offering good technical guarantees. THQ power supply is offered:

  • In compact table format, with 1 or 2 independent high voltage channels, it is suitable for research laboratories.
  • In 19” rack format with 1, 2 and 3 channels. In this case, the space offered by the rack makes it possible to increase the powers up to 60 W per channel and even 150 W.