AMXT high voltage switch

AMXT high voltage switch

The AMXT high voltage switch from CGC Instruments combines several digitally controlled analog electronic switches in a single housing. The function of each AMXT high voltage switch corresponds to that of a conventional electromechanical relay, but switching times are in the nanosecond range (ns). The digital control inputs have a high input impedance and are galvanically isolated from the high voltage inputs.

We offer 2 types of AMXT high voltage switches , the STANDARD switch and the T switch or also called TRILEVEL (3 levels) switch:

– The AMXT STANDARD high voltage switch is a 2-level switchwith high voltage output switching between a negative voltage Vneg and a positive voltage Vpos. It shows a high-impedance state, also called Hi-Z or Tristate, when the switch is deactivated.

– The TRILEVEL switch is a 3-level switch, with the “Out” output that switches either between three voltage levels Vneg, Vmid and Vpos, or showing a high-impedance state.

The T switch is controlled by two independent digital signals, for which the polarities and control logic can be selected. The TRILEVEL switch is suitable for applications such as ion injection, compression and ejection. The standard insulation is 2.1 kV; as an additional option we can increase this to 3 kV or even 5 kV.

The electronics inside the high voltage switch box are powered by regulators with a switching frequency of 125 kHz. The power supply can be optimized, this can have the advantage to reduce the noise level on the switched high voltage output. In order to achieve this shielded transformers and a resonant switched-mode power supply with a lower frequency of 28 kHz are being used.

An active inhibit input controls all high voltage switches in the same box, operating at TTL level via a BNC connector. Polarity can be reversed by using DIP micro-switches on the rear panel. A forced convection fan is provided for higher power dissipations. This option becomes useful when frequencies and loads are higher, above 1 W.

Please refer to the dedicated page of our supplier CGC Instruments GmbH for an overview of the AMXT high voltage switch range.

High voltage switch AMXT | CGC Instruments | 1500 V switch | Nanosecond switching (ns)  | 4 channels


  • AMXT high voltage switch
  • 500 V and 1500 V voltages
  • Possibility of mixing 500 V and 1500 V channels
  • 2, 3 and 4 independent channels
  • 2-level switch Vpos positive (+) and Vneg negative (-)
  • Power of a few Watt per high voltage channel
  • 2.1 kV isolation
  • Digital control – command
  • Passive heatsink cooling
  • Control inputs: BNC connector
  • HV input & HV output: SHV connectors (MHV, BNC or LEMO optional)
  • Multi-color LED (red = positive output, blue = negative output. Three-level switches: green = medium output)
  • Universal power supply 90 – 250 VAC, 50 – 60 Hz
  • “Eurotainer” table-top housing
  • Dimensions: 175 × 115 × 175 mm


  • AMXT high voltage switch options:


  • Option T: 3-level switch Vpos positive (+), Vmid and Vneg negative (-)
  • Option H: 3 kV and 5 kV isolation upon request
  • Option N: very low-noise power supply, low-frequency resonant switching
  • Option F (Fan): forced air ventilation
  • Option E (Enable/ Inhibit): TTL input to enable or disable all switches



Reference: AMXT high voltage switch

Switching time 500 V: 10 ns typ, 20 ns max.
1500 V: 35 ns typ; 50 ns max.
Propagation delay 500 V: 60 ns typ., 75 ns max.
1500 V: 95 ns typ., 120 ns max.
Minimum pulse duration 500 V: 50 ns
1500 V: 70 ns
Insulation voltage Standard: 2,1 kV
Option H: 3 kV et 5 kV
Burst frequency Standard: 10 MHz
Option H: 2 MHz
Jitter < 1 ns
High voltage inputs 2 SHV connectors, 1 positive, 1 negative
Polarity selection DIP selection on rear panel
Polarity LED Blue: positive output
Red: negative output
Switch control BNC, TTL logic, pull-up + 5 V, 51 kOhms
Voltage monitoring (image of switched signal) BNC, 0 - 10 V
Enable / Inhibit BNC, TTL logic, pull-up + 5 V, 51 kOhms
Status / monitoring LED Green: Enable
Yellow: Inhibit
Cooling 60 mm internal blocks typ.
Temperature range 10 ... 40 °C
Power consumption Without fans: < 10 VA, 5 VA typ.
With fans: < 15 VA, 10 VA typ.