NIM modules


The NIM high voltage modules for small setups require high flexibility. The NIM modules are standardized, with a height of 222 mm and a width of 34.3 mm. They are fitted with high-speed serial interfaces of USB-2 or Ethernet. They are provided with a multi-point AMP connector on the rear panel. It supplies the voltages +/- 6 VDC, +/- 12 VDC and +/- 24 VDC (optional 117 VAC) with sufficient power.

They are versatile and suitable for high-resolution digitization applications, as well as for complex logical and synchronization functions, such as for spectroscopy amplifiers or simply for low and high voltage power supplies.

Different NIM solutions exist to meet this versatility:

  • FPGA-based NIMbox modules, programmable by Labview, to perform logic functions such as And, Or, Xor, Not, coincidences, VETOs, counters, triggers, clocks, NIM – TTL input / output conversions, delays, gates generator, various synchronous and asynchronous operations, discrimination with adjustable hysteresis threshold (leading edge), etc.
  • NIM high voltage modules in different configurations (low cost, standard and high precision), with 1, 2, 4 and 6 channels in voltage ranges from 100 VDC to 10 kVDC.
  • NIM cassettes in a kit for self-assembly and for integrating the PCBs of your own making, like for example cards based on processors to carry out acquisition tasks.
  • Preamps, spectroscopy amplifiers with constant fraction discriminator from our partner Mesytec (

All these modules are supposed to be inserted in the chassis. You can find our complete range in the section ‘NIM chassis’.


ISEG Spezialelektronik GmbH and Physical Instruments present the new generation of high voltage NIM modules from the NHR series (R = reversible polarity).

This model is based on developments of the past 2 years in NHS models with 2 new exclusive features:

  • Reversible polarity, positive (+) or negative (-), by active high voltage switch (transistor). The high voltage switch is activated by an electronic signal from the central processor which receives the user’s command, either in local mode (digital display menu and rotary encoder) or in remote mode (USB / CANbus with daisy chain setup) and by software. It is not necessary to remove the module from its NIM chassis, there is no need to remove half a dozen screws from the sidewall and no need to reverse a high voltage block at 180 °!
  • 3 ranges of voltages and currents. The step-up transformer has several secondary windings which are switched depending on the selectedThis type of high voltage generation supports the 3 distinct modes 2 kV / 4 mA, 4 kV / 3 mA and 6 kV / 2 mA for a power which is always 10 W max per range . This functionality makes it possible to use this module as well with Germanium detectors from 4 kV to 5 kV as well as with gaseous detectors of the type micromegas which operate with a few hundred volts, with great precision and great linearity.
  • NOVELTY: the ramps (ramp-up and ramp-down) can be adjusted for each channel independently.

The other aspects such as DAC and ADC resolution, multitasking, menu navigation are the same as for the NHS models.

The NHR high voltage NIM module exists with either 2 or 4 independent channels.

High voltage modules NIM reversible polarity NHR Standard

The NHR standard module (common ground / common floating ground / jumper selection at the rear), in its standard series, is available in 4 versions of 2 and 4 channels with voltages of 2 kV, 4 kV and 6 kV. Currents range from 2 mA to 6 mA.

Reversible polarity NIM high voltage module NHR High Precision

​The NHR high precision module (common ground / common floating ground / jumper selection at the rear) exists with 4 versions of 2 channels and 4 channels, from 2 kV to 6 kV and from 2 mA to 6 mA. It has 2 current measurement ranges to optimize the resolutions of currents that are less than 20 µA.


The high voltage NIM modules of the NHS series are available in 2 versions, as standard and as high precision version, with 6 output channels, and voltages from 100 V to 6 kV for currents from 1 mA to 15 mA.

These high-voltage NIM modules have a new modern and sober instrumentation, based on a digital multi-color and multi-line TFT ‘thin-film-transistor’ display. The menu navigation is simple, with a neat design and a tree structure it gives access to all physical parameters very quickly (On / Off, KillEnable / KillDisable, voltage ramps, current reading / voltage reading, selection of channels 1 to 6) .

Our NIM high voltage modules from the NHS series provide access to control and command performances that have never been achieved in the NIM world before.This is in particular possible thanks to technology transfers from proprietary EHS modules such as:

  • DAC and ADC converters with excellent resolutions for an optimal precision level of voltage and current readings,
  • a more powerful central processor allowing the management of numerous status flags, etc.

The polarities are not switchable and must be determined in advance and need to be implemented in the factory. It is however possible to obtain a mixed version, with for example 3 negative and 3 positive channels.

There are several interfaces available to choose from: USB and CANbus.

The NIM high voltage modules of the NHS series are an ideal complement to the NHQ solutions, which are widely used in the physics and electronics departments of CNRS, IN2P3 and CEA.

High voltage modules NIM NHS Standard ISEG

​The NIM high voltage module of the NHS in the standard version is available in 7 versions of 6 channels, 100 V, 500 V, 1 kV, 2 kV, 3 kV, 4 kV and 6 kV for currents from 1 mA to 15 mA.

High Voltage Modules NIM NHS High Precision ISEG

​The NHS high precision exists with 7 versions of 6 channels, from 100 V to 6 kV and from 1 mA to 10 mA. It has 2 current measurement ranges to optimize the resolutions of currents that are less than 20 µA.


The NIM high voltage modules of the NHQ series are available in 3 models: entry level, standard, and high precision. They have 1 or 2 output channels, and voltages from 2 kV to 10 kV for currents from 500 µA to 12 mA.

These high voltage NIM modules have complete instrumentation on the front panel, with several configuration switches (On / Off, KillEnable / KillDisable, current reading / voltage reading, local / remote mode selection, channel A / channel B selection), a potentiometer voltage 10-turn adjustment and a 4-digit LCD liquid crystal display for reading voltage and current (mantissa + exhibitor).

The instrumentation is completed by 2 rotary micro switches with 10% increments which clamp the hardware in voltage and current.

The polarities are switched by a rotary switch placed on the lateral side, in the center, and it is accessible from the outside. It is not necessary here to remove screws, open the cover and turn the high voltage block to change the polarity. There is no risk of breaking pins or tearing off components during such an operation.

Several interfaces are available: RS232 and USB, CANbus and analog port 0 – 5 V.

NEW: we provide Easy SHQ – NHQ executable software for Windows, Linux and MAC OS.

This concept, is proven for almost 20 years, it has been continuously upgraded with the latest technologies. NHQ modules are used in many applications in nuclear physics and particle physics at the CNRS, IN2P3 and CEA, but also in research at universities.

High Voltage Modules NIM NHQ ISEG

​The “entry level” type of the high voltage NIM module of the NHQ series is available in 5 versions of 1 or 2 channels, from 2 kV to 6 kV and from 2 mA to 6 mA. Its performance is limited compared to a standard model and it only has a 0 – 5 V analog interface for an attractive price.

High voltage modules NIM NHQ Standard ISEG

​The standard NIM high voltage module of theNHQ series offers voltages of 2 kV, 3 kV, 4 kV, 5 kV, 6 kV, 8 kV and 10 kV for powers of 12 W. Two 30 W models exist in 2 kV and 3 kV. It is the most multi-purpose model in its category, it offers remarkable electronic performance and is suitable for a large number of applications.

NIM NHQ High Precision ISEG

​The high voltage NIM module type “high precision” of the NHQ series is available with 5 versions from 2 kV to 6 kV and from 2 mA to 6 mA. It incorporates the known performances of the standard model with a first current measurement loop to which a second measurement loop has been added whose threshold can either be 100 µA (option 2MA) or 10 µA (option 2MA0n1). It is requested in demanding physics applications where fine current measurements are necessary.


The mechanical NIM modules of the brand W-IE-NE-R Plein & Baus GmbH are extremely rigid and solid construction. The design is optimized to give maximum interior space, allowing you to position your PCBs in a correct and stable manner.

WIENER Mechanical Cassette

The mechanical NIM modules of the brand W-IE-NE-R Plein & Baus GmbH are extremely rigid and solid construction. The design is optimized to give maximum interior space, allowing you to position your PCBs in a correct and stable manner.

The mechanical NIM modules are available in 1/12, 2/12 and 3/12 formats. They are supplied with lateral flanks, front and rear sides, lower and upper flanks equipped with natural convection fins and the pre-wired connector to drive the useful voltages and the GND, blocks for the internal supports of electronic cards and specific screws. These NIM mechanics can be inserted near high voltage NIM modules into a chassis.


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