MPV standard low voltage module


The MPV low voltage module range includes a choice of 9 references, from 8 V to 120 V and from 100 mA to 20 A. They have 15-bit DAC and ADC with voltage resolutions of 4 mV max. and current resolutions of 0.5 mA max.

NEW: the new series of High Accuracy low voltage module provides up to 21-bit resolution for voltage and current measurement. Voltage vs. current resolutions range from 2 µV to 40 µV and from 32 nA to 1.5 µA depending on the model.

A special feature is that its switching topology and its regulation electronics make it possible to control the voltages on the whole scale, from 0 to 100%, without any deterioration in performance (instability, offset, non-linearity, etc.).

Many parameters can be programmed individually or by group: voltage, current, ramp up and ramp down, regulation type (slow or fast) depending on the cable lengths (short > 1 meter, long > 50 meters).

Other data can be supervised: power, temperature, voltage at the sense point (feedback), voltage at the terminal point (load), etc. Specific actions can be taken depending on certain events: voltage shut down with ramp or without ramp following an overcurrent, etc.

One can control the MPV low voltage module via Ethernet (TCP / IP), CANbus and USB in one of the W-IE-NE-R chassis: Mpod (10 slots), Mpod mini (4 slots), Mpod micro (1 and 2 slots) or Mixed Mpod (5 slots).

Slow control is based on the standard protocol netSNMP (Simple network protocol management). It is software with an “open source” code which uses the functions of the WIENER-CRATE-MIB library. Several control softwares are supported such as EPICS, MIDAS, ORCA; they have all been developed by the scientific community and have been tested under experimental conditions. The installation of the dedicated isegSNMPControl application on Windows allows immediate handling. A specific USB application is available under the name of MuseControl.

All our Mpod chassis are dimensioned correctly, thus the module can provide all the power (400 W module for 50 W / channel and 100 W / channel depending on model) without any restrictions.

The MPV low voltage module is used in experiments where it is necessary to supply front-end electronic cards of preamp, amplifier, ASIC, FPGA or any type of data acquisition cards.

Floating low voltage module MPV with Senses :

The MPV low voltage module range is mainly composed of the MPV series. These low voltage modules offer 4 and 8 independent low voltage DC channels, regulated in voltage and current. All outputs are floating. This allows them to be wired with the (-) pole to ground to generate a positive voltage or with the (+) pole to ground to obtain a negative voltage. In order to compensate for line losses due to high currents, sense returns connected to the control loops provide stable voltages at the ends of the cables on the load side.

Extreme power density:

An exclusive feature of the MPV technology is its power supply. An AC voltage of 385 – 400 VAC from the backplane is directed to each transformer of each input stage of the module. A high transformation ratio allows to obtain low voltages on the outputs. In inverse proportion, it also allows to amplify the current to high levels without stressing the upstream chassis supply. Our chassis being correctly sized, all the power can be transferred to all the output channels without any restriction. Thus, all the modules of the same chassis are always able to deliver 50 W / channel (8 channel model) and 100 W / channel (4 channel model) for a total of 400 W per module. The MPV series low voltage module is used to power front-end electronic boards such as preamps, amplifiers, ASICs, FPGAs or any type of data acquisition boards.

Please refer to the dedicated page of our supplier W-IE-NE-R Power Electronics for a view of the entire range.


MPV | Low voltage module | 8 V to 120 V | 50 W to 100 W | W-IE-NE-R Power Electronics
  • 8-channel MPV low voltage module
  • Version Standard & High Resolution
  • Positive or negative polarity (+ or – connected to GND)
  • Low voltage up to 120 V
  • Current up to 20 A
  • Floating ground (F-GND)
  • Residual ripple and noise (<2 – 3 mV peak to peak)
  • Voltage control and measurement



  • MPV low voltage module with current control and measurement (regulation / limitation or trip)
  • Settings with 15-bit resolution (DAC), monitoring with 15-bit resolution (ADC)
  • NEW: 21-bit resolution for voltage and current measurement, settings & monitoring
  • Programmable voltage ramp 1 V / s to 500 V / s
  • 2 * 37 pins female power connectors with line compensation (return of senses)
  • Function I: Interlock via power connectors
  • Provision of wiring with return of senses and adapted lengths
  • Very compact model – height 6 U, depth 220 mm, width 1 slot