VME64 crate

VME64 crate

The VME64 “Versa Module Eurocard” crate is one of the most frequently  used crate in the industry. It has a high speed bus with a powerful interrupted management system based on a multiprocessor architecture. The 64-bit bus provides a high transfer rate of 80MB/ s with 32 address lines and 32 multiplexed data lines. The mechanics of the modules are based on the Eurocard 6U format with a depth of 160 mm. A 9U format with 400 mm has been introduced for instrumentation in nuclear physics. The modules are equipped with two connectors J1 and J2 of 3 DIN-96 rows corresponding respectively to the backplane connectors P1 and P2.

The W-IE-NE-R crate VME64 meet multiple needs. Some will be suitable for small laboratory installations with powers that do not exceed 1 kW. Others will be more in line with large experimental structures requiring the insertion of a large number of modules and consequently very high powers. Regardless of these criteria, our VME64 crate have modern control and command features allowing you to supervise the smooth running of your operations, either in local mode by means of digital reading, or remotely through various interfaces.

Please refer to the website of our supplier W-IE-NE-R Power Electronics for a view of the entire range.

VME64 integrated mini crate, 195 series

Chassis VME64-64x 9 slots 195 Mini

The mini crate VME64 195 series is the ideal choice for small laboratory setups requiring only a few electronic modules. Its design is based on a long W-IE-NE-R  tradition that provides a fully integrated solution with both a robust bin, which is completed with a very high frequency switching power supply and an intelligent ventilation unit with all the control interfaces. The 195 model offers 9 slots in 19” rack format for powers of either 500 W or 1000 W.

VME64 modular mini crate, 395 series

Chassis VME64-64x 9 slots 395

The mini chassis VME64 395 series is a recent evolution of the 195 model which offers modularity of the elements. This VME64 crate has cPCI power supplies that can be inserted / reinserted hot (hot swappable) and which can be added to double the power from 250 W to 500 W. The fan unit is plugged in from the front with air extraction from the front to the back. In addition to local mode supervision, the crate, power supplies and cooling unit are controlled and monitored remotely via our new universal CML shelf manager controller card.

VME64 crate standard 6021 & 6023 series for 6U boards

Crates W-IE-NE-R 21 slots 6U

The VME64 21 slot chassis of the 6021 and 6023 series are the most popular models from the manufacturer W-IE-NE-R. The concept of modularity based on the assembly of the bin, the fan tray and the power supply, gives it a unique flexibility.

The mechanical bin allows the insertion of 6U cards at the front and via the rear transition cage, and additionally “user defined ” cards in 3U (bin UEV 6021) or 6U (bin UEV 6023) with a depth of 80/120/160 and 220 mm.

The fan tray allows uniform ventilation with a standard block of 3 fans for the front cards. The fan tray is always equipped with RS232, Ethernet and CANbus interfaces allowing the control of powers, voltages, currents, and temperatures.

The well-known architecture of the 6000 series power supply, built with a PFC, a DC bus as well as DC / DC blocks, can meet a large number of voltage and current configurations with a choice of power ranging from 1100 W to 3700 W.

Many options show its flexibility: a IEEE 1101.10 compliant bin (E series) with front bars for modules equipped with extraction latches, a 1U “ plenum ” air compression chamber, temperature sensors in different crate points, a dust filter, insertion / extraction levers for the power supply.

Standard VME64 6021 & 6023 for 9U boards

Crate W-IE-NE-R 21 slots 9U

The 21-slot VME64 chassis for 9U cards of the 6021 and 6023 series are based on the same topology. This time the backplane is extended to J1 / J2 and J3 and a so-called ” VARIO ” version can accommodate both 6U / 160 mm and 9U / 400 mm cards. The fan tray allows uniform ventilation with a block of 6 fans / 400 mm standard, 4 fans / 400 mm “ super blower ” for the front cards, or a block of 9 fans / 600 mm standard, herewith covering the depth of the crate .